Octopus fishing in the Bahía de Los Angeles region, which accounts for 87% of the production of octopus in Baja California, represents one of the most important economic activities in the region. Since 2010, we have worked in conjunction with the community and authorities (through meetings, workshops, distribution of scientific information, and community validation) to improve the management of the species in the area and to increase the economic benefits generated by the fishery.

On May 4th, 2015, octopus fishermen in Bahía de los Angeles agreed to institute a closed season, establish a maximum number of traps, set a minimum length or weight for fished octopuses, limit the number of catches, and establish refuge areas. On July 23rd of the same year, the fishermen agreed to implement a community ban on octopus fishing for the 2015 season. The closed season took place from August to November for the Brown Octopus, and from September to November for the Green Octopus. CONAPESCA affirmed this voluntary agreement – the first of its kind in this locality – with an official closed season. According to available scientific information, a closed season is the best way to promote sustainability of this fishery.

Ilustración: Lucía Lafuente

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