On this past August 16th, a fourth reunion took place in the port of Ensenada in order to discuss a series of proposals that look forward the improvement of social participation in the fishing policy of México. The event was attended by representatives of civil society, fishing sector, government, public and academic institutions.

These ten proposals (generated  in reunions held in 2015 with involved sectors) were analyzed in four different cities of the country:  México City, Hermosillo, Mérida and Ensenada; the objective being to propose congruent modifications based on experiences and specific problems identified at  local and regional levels. Pronatura Noroeste is part of  organizations that collaborate together with Causa Natura.

The proposals include themes related to fishing activity such as the inclusion of all sectors at decision-making times, to enhance the skills of  sector’s participants and to establish guidelines towards  better fishing management.  Participants raised their need for inclusion and influence in fisheries policy.

Once analyzed and agreed, the proposals will be exposed before the Senate for recommended changes related to  social participation in the fishing policy of México.

To read each  minute or get more information, please visit http://barcoabierto.org

Translate by: Olivia del Corral

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