The Yellow-billed cuckoo (Coccyzus americanus) nests in the Colorado River delta; he prefers the dense forests of poplars, willow and mesquite, finding it a good quality of shelter and habitat.

On august 2016, Pronatura Noroeste –in collaboration with Southern Sierra Research Station and Sonoran Joint Venture– conducted the workshop Training Monitoring Techniques for this species. Divided into two parts, topics for distribution and current status of the species were addressed; habitat preferences, reproductive ecology and monitoring protocol were taught by Diane Tracy, head of  Yellow-billed Cuckoo project by Southern Sierra Research Station and Marcel Liljesthrom, external consultant of the association.

Photos: Jenna Stanek, Southern Sierra Research Station

Photos: Jenna Stanek, Southern Sierra Research Station

The next day a tour was held at restoration site Laguna Grande where the monitoring protocol was implemented and where it became established that the species was an endangered category.

The workshop was held at State University of Sonora with the participation of 27 people of the National Commission of Nature Protected Areas (CONANP), Commission of Ecology and Sustainable Development of the State of Sonora (CEDES), Sonoran Institute, professors, social service providers and  Pronatura Noroeste team.

With this activity the Bird Preservation Program of Pronatura Noroeste encourages local, regional and multinational participation to protect these species and to improve their habitat.

Photos: Jenna Stanek, Southern Sierra Research Station / Translate by: Olivia del Corral
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