The binational region San Diego-Tijuana-Tecate is located within one of the world´s most important ecosystems known as the ´Floristic Province of the Californias´, which is part of the critical sites for biodiversity conservation worldwide.

This ecosystem, in Baja California, covers up an extension of 2.5 million hectares and is known as the Martirense province. There are about 1,323 native plants catalogued from which 902 are not present in the rest of the Baja California peninsula. In this region, whose area represents only 17% of the whole peninsula, are found almost half of the plant species (44%).

Nevertheless, the biological importance of the Martirense province, and in contrast with the portion of the region located in California, only two protected natural areas have been declared, the National Parks: ´Constitucion de 1857´ and ´Sierra San Pedro Martir´. There are no natural areas at state and municipal level for the region´s conservation. Nevertheless, there are urban development programs for Tijuana and Tecate. In this programs, conservation and protection policies are proposed for certain areas that could be defined in detail, working together with the community and social organizations, even to the point of declaring them as protected natural areas.

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