Marismas Nacionales is formed by a network of coastal lagoons, mangroves, swamps, and marshes that cover an area of 240,000 hectares in the coasts of Nayarit and southern Sinaloa. This system is of national conservation priority and the Ramsar Convention recognizes it as a Site of International Importance. It generates important environmental services and it includes the presence of 250,000 water birds of winter migration and the largest extension of mangroves in Mexico.

This ecosystem is threatened by deforestation, the expansion of the agricultural zone and the use of pesticides, salinization of soils, hydrologic changes, and touristic and residential developments. Pronatura Noroeste AC began a long-term program that includes a thorough environmental and socioeconomic diagnosis, and the establishment of strategic liaisons with participants involved in the use, administration, study, and conservation of these wetlands. These first steps will define the strategies to respond to the restoring needs, protection, conservation, and area management.

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