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Through seven regional programs, we try to bind together nature conservation and the development of the communities, by fundamental tasks such as: restoration and ecosystems conservation, environmental education, protection to endangered species and actions against global warming.

Pronatura Noroeste works in the ecoregions of the Baja California peninsula, Sonora, Sinaloa y Nayarit, the western portion of Chihuahua, Durango, Jalisco and Colima, the Gulf of California and its islands, and the exclusive economic zone of Mexico in the Pacific Ocean belonging to the aforementioned states.

Pronatura Noroeste fulfills its mandate with goals and objectives of common conservation to all Northwestern Mexico and through the exchange of experiences and technical and human resources between its offices.

The mission of Pronatura Noroeste shared with all the Pronatura National System representations is:
The conservation of flora, fauna and priority ecosystems in Northwestern Mexico to promote the development of society in harmony with nature.