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Who are we?

Pronatura Noroeste is the regional representation of the National Pronatura System, Mexico’s oldest and largest conservation organization.

Pronatura Noroeste has been operating since 1991 in Northwestern Mexico, where the main economic activities depend greatly on the natural wealth of the states it encompasses. Even so, the region is currently facing significant threats to its conservation.

Our mission, principles and values define us and allow us to identify ourselves among our members and differentiate us from other organizations dedicated to the protection of nature.

We are committed with transparency and excellence in everything we do. Our inspiration comes from the communities we serve and from nature itself.

How we work?

Through seven regional programs, we try to bind together nature conservation and the development of the communities, by fundamental tasks such as: restoration and ecosystems conservation, environmental education, protection to endangered species and actions against global warming.

Pronatura Noroeste works in the ecoregions of the Baja California peninsula, Sonora, Sinaloa y Nayarit, the western portion of Chihuahua, Durango, Jalisco and Colima, the Gulf of California and its islands, and the exclusive economic zone of Mexico in the Pacific Ocean belonging to the aforementioned states.

Pronatura Noroeste fulfills its mandate with goals and objectives of common conservation to all Northwestern Mexico and through the exchange of experiences and technical and human resources between its offices.

The mission of Pronatura Noroeste shared with all the Pronatura National System representations is:

The conservation of flora, fauna and priority ecosystems in Northwestern Mexico to promote the development of society in harmony with nature.

Our history

On June 5th, 1991 the story of Pronatura Noroeste began. A civil association that acts with determination to preserve the natural wealth of Northwestern Mexico.

Pronatura Noroeste started its work in Guaymas as Pronatura Sonora. Two years later opened its offices in Ensenada and La Paz forming Pronatura Peninsula of Baja California. Subsequently, this offices united with Pronatura Sinaloa to originate what we know today as Pronatura Noroeste A. C.

With a large team of technicians and specialists, we work every day with great dedication sharing the same passion and mission.

Main achievements

For more than 26 years of work, Pronatura Noroeste has achieved important goals in the field of nature conservation, such as the creation of the Protected Natural Areas “Bahia de los Angeles, Canales de Ballenas and Salsipuedes”, the restoration of hundreds of the Colorado River´s acres, workshops, courses and environmental education events with thousands of children and adults, the conservation of more than one hundred and fifty thousand acres of priority ecosystems, and the protection of endangered species.

Currently, Pronatura Noroeste fulfills its mandate and renews its inevitable commitment with nature conservation in the northwest of Mexico.